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Welcome to the NEW official home of the Arizona Pigeon Club. This site is dedicated to the promotion of raising performance and fancy pigeons as an enjoyable hobby of choice. The Arizona Pigeon Club is a non-profit organization. Founded in 1940, the Arizona Pigeon Club has a long-standing tradition of passing this favored pastime from one generation to the next.  

We have a "Pigeon Ponderings" section on our web page made to facilitate using articles from various authors. Articles may be on any subject as long as they relate to pigeons: Health, Genetics, Conditioning, Racing, Showing, Tips, Humorous Stories, Profiles of Fanciers, Lofts, etc. If anyone wants to submit articles for consideration, please send them to our webmaster at . If we use your article, it will be featured in our monthly newsletter, sent out to members of the club, & featured on our web site. As a thank you token, we will send you 5 leg bands, in your choice of size.

The AZPC serves all of AZ pigeon fanciers regardless if you own one bird or 200, whether you just like to keep a few as pets or your goal is to show in the nationals, we are here to help you.

The AZPC offers monthly meetings that cover a topic concerning your hobby to help you grow in your knowledge. Young bird lawn shows are held through out spring, summer & fall, ending our year with the Annual Phoenix show. As a member you will receive monthly newsletters that will always include helpful tips & advice about pigeons. It will keep you in touch with members & happenings within the club as well. The newsletter will also include a yearly membership roster, to help you locate breeders. Our web page has a current event calendar. The AZPC also has an online run board for help or even just talking to fellow members. The club also does two swap & sells yearly. We hope you enjoy your visit on our site and look forward to you joining the club and the wonderful hobby that is pigeons.

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